happens everytime

You sneak away to a quiet corner in the house, eager to indulge in that delicious chocolaty goodness. A few seconds to yourself you take to make sure no one is near you, your chocolate, and the location you choose to do the crime. Coast is clear, no one is near your radar so you go for it and unwrap the wrapper as carefully as you can…..an BAM!!! At that exact moment the devil herself, disguised as my sister comes down for whatever reason it may be. Sometimes its as if she has a radar for these types of things, they always just “suddenly” happen. Its either that or she has people working for her, but either way I can never figure out how she does it. The hard part of it all is that she always finds out. I mean who wouldn’t right….after all the shuffling around I do just trying to hide the evidence looks very suspicious…and yes i did share the chocolate with her. She ended up with the bigger piece (surprise surprise).

Moral of the story: if you do not have enough to share, or let me rephrase that. If you do not plan on sharing, just don't bring it into the house

yours truly