A day in the life of a saudi part two: arabian nights

As i opened my eyes i felt alot of gooo and sticky stuff on my face, i ran towards the mirror only to find red lipstick marks covering my face. So I assumed my day had begun, and infact the following days were quite similar to the first. You wake up at a time you wouldnt be waking up if you were home, an you get a sudden urge to eat all day. Ok one of many good things about saudi is the food. Now imagine this, being in a restaurant where you don't have to question the waiter if its made with pork/alcohol or whatever, its fresh, its halal an it actually tastes like food. You gain alot of weight, you know the kind of weight where you don't feel bad gaining, the little chunk of flubber you pinch in your stomach is actually a very fond memory, so i rub it at times an say happily "thats saudi". When you hear the phrase "get ready were going out!!!" it really meant, make sure you look like red carpet material under that abaya. Now don't get me wrong, we didnt dress "like a million bucks" infront of men, there are usually two entrances to a house one for the males an a seperate for the females, and seperate dining rooms, and a bigger room if both parties are comfortable being together in....o and the shoppings great

well enough of that, the major part to all this is going to mecca an medina, now when i say awesome i mean it was AWESOME. Medina is actually by far the most beautiful city i've ever seen, in the nasheed with dawud wharnsby he says "i travel through the world, but i doubt that i would see, a city with such wonder as medina", a very true statement might i add. Everything felt like a dream, an as much as i'd like to explain i doubt its possible, only because there are no words to describe that experience, if anyone would like to know, they should go an find out. Everything about saudi was just amazing, an it sucks now cuz all i have are memories, which don't seem good enough.....*sigh*


A day in the life of a saudi..the journey part 1

Asalaamu alaikum

*sigh*...since I've come back from KSA, I've been extremely miserable as if I'm an outcast in this country and I don't belong. At school I feel alienated from everyone, and my secret haven is the prayer room. Saudi was incredible an experience unlike any other. I was born and raised there and I've been back many times, but I guess this time the experience left me with a closer bond then ever, only because I had a feeling that this was the last time I'd be there, in a very long time or not at all. Because this time my reason for going was different, I wasn't as spoiled as I usually am when I go, so I got to experience KSA from a different point of view, more like from the angle of an actual saudi then a visitor. So here goes, I'll summarize my trip the whip of emotions/reactions an how I feel now. O yes if I had to compare how saudi feels like, well imagine a really big masjid, an imagine that masjid to be a home, a country for thousands of people...thats KSA

I left june 23 2008 I wasnt all that eager, because a)The flight was delayed, b)I've been there before so I assumed what I would be expecting, and c)I was in a really bad mood. So long story short, every plane we had to take to get there was delayed and/or cancelled. And no it doesnt take that many planes just to get there but because so many flights were cancelled we had to take alternate routes and even those planes were delayed so basically it was a three day journey. As you can see it started off bad already, We were extremely tired so we slept on the airport floor (literally) then continued in our journey. We got there looking like zombies, eye liner dripping down our faces, our clothes either soaked crumbled or stained. When we stepped outside it was as if a heat wave slapped our faces. Because I came with alot of people, my family including my relatives we had ALOT of luggage so we were out in the sun for a good while trying to get things together. When we arrived at the house we were soaked in sweat on top of the other disgusting things we mustve looked like. We didnt give proper salaams, which kind of appalled my grandparents and my relatives, I mean i would be angry if someone I was eagerly waiting for gave me a loose hug an walked by me...but mashallah my grandparents are darlings they understood.After the struggled greetings we dashed straight for our beds an slept like...well we slept for the hours that we missed....2 days later.

my eyes slowly drifted open and thats when it all began....to be continued

back to life...back to reality

As you've guessed it, my vacation is over an we are now back in school. As miserable as I sound typing this message, it really aint so bad. But honestly I couldve sworn june was just yesterday, an I was eagerly awaiting the day I quit my job so I can leave this country, and within seconds I'm back, jobless, and have already been slapped with an assignment due next week. Well besides all that, the best part about this month is that its ramadan, and I actually like the fact that it came early in the year. Well anyways, since I just recently came back, its gonna take me awhile to get back into the habit again. I'll summarize my trip next time but until then lets sit back relax an wait for iftaar.